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Institute of Isotopes Co., Ltd.

R&D and manufacturing of nuclear medicine products, radiochemicals, immunoassay kits (RIA, IRMA, ELISA), labeled organic compounds, sealed radiation sources.

Aurora Fine Chemicals Ltd.

Custom Synthesis Service

Aurora Fine Chemicals is specialized in complex multi-step organic synthesis for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and other industries. We synthesize novel and rare organic compounds in the scale ranging from milligram to

Bisphenol A Information Resources

Offers Bisphenol A health effects, environmental, and safety information and resources on how this industrial chemical is used and latest news items.

Center For The Polyurethanes Industry

The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry represents U.S. producers, manufacturers and distributors of polyurethane products, including polyurethane foam. CPI promotes the sustainable growth of the polyurethane industry. – Better Living With Plastics

Provides information for consumers on the safe use of plastic products, including polycarbonate bottles, children’s sports safety equipment and using plastic cooking containers in microwave ovens.

Plastics Myth Buster

Describes Internet-spread rumors concerning plastic safety, and provides factual information. Also gives tips on identifying and researching Internet rumors.

Surface Technology

Surface technology is a group of specialised coatings companies based in the Uk. We are dedicated to providing surface and corrosion resistant coatings as well as specialist applications such as zinc nickel plating.

Analytical Equipment – Autosampler – Purge & Trap

EST is an analytical instrument manufacturer and distributor of Thermo Combustion products, providing high quality analytical equipment with superior customer service. – Best Online Journal Site for Open Access Journals

It is an online publishing house at the vanguard of contemporary academia. As a leader in publicizing academic research and journals for a global audience, ARJ caters to an expansive community of research scholars and academics, with diverse backgrou

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